WATCH LIVE NOW: Ruach City Church Live Stream – Ruach City Church, London, England UK [#RuachCityChurch]

WATCH LIVE NOW: Ruach City Church Live Stream – Ruach City Church, London, England UK [#RuachCityChurch]


Ruach City Church is one of the largest and fastest growing non-denominational Pentecostal Christian churches in Europe. Starting from humble beginnings, with only a handful of faithful members, the church has grown rapidly since its inception in December 1992.

Ruach City Church is known for hosting interdenominational events which have had an overwhelming success in promoting greater unity within the wider Christian church.

In 2006, Ruach Ministries became the 1st Charismatic Church in the UK to host a serving British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, at the ‘Power of One’ Conference, a pioneering initiative to encourage voters to register on the electoral role. Other prominent figures to cross its thresholds have been Baroness Valerie Amos, leader in the House of Lords, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Ken Livingston, former Mayor of London and Boris Johnson, former Mayor of London and current Prime Minister. Each year Ruach City Church hosts a special service, ‘Prayer for the Nation’, which is attended by officers of the Metropolitan Police, as part of their ongoing commitment to community liaison and better policing practices. This special service is also attended by political office-holders, members of Parliament and local civic officials.

In December 1996, Ruach City Church purchased its first building, a former warehouse situated in Brixton, South London which was converted to accommodate its fast growing congregation.

In December 2007, Ruach City Church purchased its second location, the renowned Gaumont State Theater in Kilburn, Northwest London. Ruach City Church has been working closely with the local council and planning to restore this historical landmark to its former glory. Not only is it a beautiful place of worship for the congregation and visitors to Ruach City Church but it will also become a unique forum for artistic and musical expression such as plays, organ recitals, etc in the future. The aim is to see this historical landmark become an integral part of the local community once again.

In December 2010, Ruach City Church purchased its 3rd location based in Walthamstow, East London. In March 2014, saw the realization of a 4th location in Philadelphia, USA. Ruach City Church has transitioned from one church to one church in many locations with over 7,000 congregants regularly attending its services each Sunday.

Ruach City Church Television broadcast ‘Order My Steps’ can be seen worldwide on Christian cable and satellite TV with an audience of millions on The Word Network, Faith TV (Africa), Inspirational Network, Impact TV, Flow TV and Now TV, (USA).

Ruach City Church
122 Brixton Hill
London SW2 1RS
United Kingdom

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